How to avoid food waste


Each year European countries and the United States throw away a quantity of food that could be used to solve worldwide hunger in just a matter of days. Food waste is usually at its peak point right after the winter holidays, when people realize they bought too much food for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and have to throw it in the garbage.

Unfortunately, no matter how many projects there were made for companies and households to go greener and avoid food waste, the truth is that we continue to live carelessly and do wrong by our planet. So how do you know you’re a food waster and, moreover, how do you become more responsible?

Here are some easy tips to start buying more consciously and avoid food waste as much as you can.



Start with a weekly diet plan

First of all, let’s assume you are going every week for buying groceries. Also, let’s assume you eat about two meals per day home or with ingredients you bought. The best way to reduce food waste is to have in mind a scrapped menu for the upcoming week.

Think about how often you are likely to cook that week and exactly what are the meals you are mainly interested in cooking. Then, buy only the ingredients you require for those special meals. If you’re looking for meat-based meals, we suggest buying a type of meat that can be used for making more than one dish that week. For instance, you can buy an entire chicken and use the wings for one night, the breast for other meal, and so on.

As for fresh fruits and veggies, buy enough to last you one week and no longer. Keep in mind that these foods are perishable, so you should only buy as much as you think you can eat. It is also important to store your fruits accordingly, so keep them in cool and dry places, away from direct sunlight or too much heat if you want them to last you longer.


Small mold or black spots doesn’t mean you have to throw away

Often enough people consider that a small mold spot or a black spot on a fresh fruit or veggie means the entire plant is rotten and should be thrown away. One way to reduce waste monthly is to simply take more care of your ingredients and not throw them away easily.

If you notice a small black spot on your vegetables or fruits you can just cut it off – it won’t affect the taste or the properties of the rest of your plant. Moreover, if your veggies have gone softer you can simply mash them and use them further in cooked meals. Your food will have even more taste if the vegetables are juicier and mellower.



A kitchen appliances addict’s blog

People have the strangest of passions. I believe mine is worth writing about on a blog, even if it’s not the most usual of hobbies. So “Hello, my name is Josh Carlson and I’m an addict”, but not the kind you would expect. My addiction is related to electronics and especially smart kitchen appliances and I don’t see that as a bad thing (maybe only when I spend more than I can afford on them).  I started buying all sorts of aiding kitchen items when I began cooking more complicated dishes. In the first weeks, I had trouble making dough on my own, so I bought a dough maker, chopping vegetables was also a nasty task and it took me a lot of time (and parts of my fingers occasionally), so I bought an onion chopper, if I wanted to make some kind of sauce, I needed a blender, etc.

All in all, my small utensils helped me through difficult times and I don’t know when buying them stopped being a necessity and became a pleasure, something that I did because it made me feel excited. I think the first item that I bought out of sheer excitement was a two-color teapot, although not for me but for my mom, who’s a great tea lover and she always invites people in for tea.

However, anytime I buy a new kitchen electronic I make sure it is not only useful, but it is also funny or have a design that will make me enjoy using it and that’s how I managed to keep myself an avid cooker and a healthy eater.  It is true that I also have items that are not particularly funny, but these are extremely useful, so they keep me hooked with their practicality. One of these is the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker that allows you to prepare a breakfast sandwich with eggs, ham and bread in about 5 minutes. At the end of these short minutes, all it’s left to do is to take the sandwich and eat it. It is incredibly useful and easy-to-use, and occupies only a small place.

The Darth Vader pancake maker

Cooking and kitchen appliances are not the sole passions that I have.  I’m also a fan of fantasy movies and literature. Star Wars is among my favorites and I have watched the series countless times. When I ran into this pancake maker, I knew it had to be mine. It works like a normal pancake maker, that is, you just pour the batter inside it, close the lid and adjust the cooking time depending on how crunchy you want your Darth Vader pancake to be. May the force be with you when you browse the internet to find it!

P.s.: If you can’t find the Darth Vader pancake maker you can try the Darth Vader imprinting toaster that will toast your bread wearing the face of the villain on it.

The iPhone controlled Kettle

This one is my newest kitchen gadget. This device I can control using my iPhone from a distance. If I’m outside the house, I can just program it to start. In the morning, when my alarm sounds, I can command the kettle to start boiling water automatically. It’s really useful in mornings when you stumble out of bed and you have a hard time deciding what to do first. One website that features a lot of interesting such products is

The Fastest Way of Cooking Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; I bet your mom has told you this hundreds of times. The truth is your mom was right, and a good and filling breakfast is a great way to start the day. If you have a balanced breakfast that fills you with energy, you will feel great throughout the entire day and you will not end up munching on unhealthy snacks, while feeling exhausted and cranky. I have searched for the fastest way of cooking breakfast for a while now, and I can say that I found it. My solution is called the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker and it cooks a perfect breakfast within minutes. Here is my take on this breakfast making machine.

A really practical model

This one comes with two cooking areas, where you can place two sandwiches, a sandwich and a doughnut, or any other combination you may have found that it works as a breakfast menu. I love it how practical it is, because I only need to assemble the sandwiches on the spot and let them cook on their own for a few minutes. Right now, you may be thinking that grabbing a hamburger at the fast food around the corner or the drive-through is still more convenient, but let me tell you this. Do you know what really goes into the sandwich or hamburger they make at these eateries? All companies today, including fast food places, are trying to cut corners, which means that they will use lower quality ingredients and more sauce filled with preservatives and sugar to cheat your taste buds that you are eating something good.

There is no such a thing when you cook your breakfast at home. The Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker offers you the perfect solution, so you can make your own food, knowing exactly what goes into it. Plus, you will not be driven to use extra sugar or salt, like fast food restaurants do, which means that you will have a healthier breakfast. In addition, if you need to prepare breakfast for more people, you could also get the double model.


It is fast and easy to use

It is absolutely a no brainer to use this sandwich maker. It is so easy that I even think it is fun to make breakfast this way. I just place all the ingredients in each cooking area, and I even break an egg on top, because I love the extra protein, and within less than 5 minutes, my breakfast is ready. If you look at it, the sandwich maker may look small, but because it has 2 cooking areas to use for 2 sandwiches at the same time, it will have no trouble offering you the most filling breakfast you can get.

Cleaning is a breeze, and the unit looks great, too

People hate doing the dishes, generally speaking, and I am no exception to the rule. So I like that the Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich Maker is really easy to clean, since it can be taken apart and washed in a dishwasher machine. The looks on this model are nice, too, and I love it how it sits on my kitchen counter, just waiting to be used.




Babyliss Pro flat irons – why they are special


Babyliss Pro has got a lot of history in the fashion and hair care industry on its own, so many people don’t know that the company is actually a subsidiary division of Conair. What else could boost our confidence in the quality of a product than the self-speaking decades of continually improving the technology and client approach. On the other hand, some brands are known for lowering the bar on their products quality once they’ve reached a high rank in sales, so here are a few reasons why you should always trust the Babyliss Pro series.

Once you’ve decided to buy a new flat iron for thick hair for example, you have probably spent some time on the internet, looking for what’s new and what are the best features of a straightener. Amongst them will always be the ability of the appliance to keep your hair safe while it’s doing its job. Most Babyliss Pro flat irons are produced using EP technology, that is similar to the one used in forging jewelry: electroplating ensures a coating of micrometric metal particles that reduce friction and let the plates warm up evenly to avoid any burning points.

Another great feature of the Babyliss Pro straighteners is the Advanced Heat-Management system that allows the plates to become instantly hot and, because of the electronic control of the temperature, it will constantly maintain the heat with an accuracy of half of degree.

When it comes to most hair care brands, their products seem to follow a certain niche of clients or a certain set of technologies that cover only some of the market needs. With Babyliss Pro, however, you have a large and extremely varied series of flat irons, that can help straighten the thin and frisky to the coarse hair, all of them providing the highest level of protection. From long-plated straighteners for professional use, to small, 1-inch plated irons that you can use at home, this brand has set its mind to be of help to anyone.

Lastly, we can’t overlook the ergonomic and lightweight design of the flat irons produced by this brand. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at some of the customer reviews and see for yourself the excitement of women’s trying a Babyliss Pro flat iron for the first time.